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TJ’s Fish Tacos

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1 lb Any white fish, tuna or shrimp     

1 Cup TJ’s Jalapeno Aoli

1 Tsp TJ’s Fish Sand    

1 Cup TJ’s Chipotle Salsa

8 ea corn or flour tortillas, taco size    

2 Cups TJ’s Sriracha Cole Slaw

1 Cup TJ’s Pico De Gallo   

 1 Cup TJ’s Chipotle Salsa

Season fish with TJ’s Fish Sand. Broil or grill 6-7 min per side. If it falls apart? Who cares! It’s going in a taco. Let fish rest for a few min while tortillas warm in microwave. Flake fish into chunks and divide amongst tortillas. Top with Cole Slaw. Add some TJ’s Jalapeno Aoli, Pico and Chipotle Salsa. What else? There is no “right” or “wrong” with condiments: cilantro, jalapenos, sautéed potatoes, chopped onions, diced avocado, shredded monterey jack or crumbled queso fresco...serve fixings family style! Serves 4, makes 8 Tacos.

TJ’s Tip: Your family should eat 2–3 servings of fresh fish per week. Fish Tacos are a great example of how to incorporate fish into your daily dinners. Teriyaki Salmon with White Rice and Snow Peas becomes “Asian Night.” Baked Halibut With Marinara Sauce and over Penne is “Italian Night”...the more variety you give, the more fish they’ll eat.