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Restaurant-Quality Seared Scallops

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1 lb DRY Sea Scallops
TJ’s Fish Sand - LIGHTLY Season To Taste
TJ’s Clarified Butter Or Vegetable Oil
(like you would salt & pepper)

Scallops are easy — the secret is the caramelized SEAR. Dry your scallops with a paper towel and season lightly with TJ’s Fish Sand. Heat a non-stick saute pan over HIGH heat and add clarified butter, vegetable oil (or a 50/50 mixture) until you start to see a slight smoke. Add scallops (don’t overfill pan) and don’t move them. Tilt pan slightly so that any liquid in the pan runs away from the scallops. Sear 2–3 min or until you get the good caramelized crust. Flip and cook for 1–2 more min. Serve seared side up. (Bay Scallops — the small ones — are even easier. Toss in hot skillet 60 sec)

TJ’s Tip: Only buy DRY Sea Scallops. Most scallops sold in the US have been soaked in a liquid that colors them and adds weight...the liquid comes out when cooking preventing any sear. Plus you are paying for the weight you don’t get to eat.