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Perfectly Steamed Lobsters

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TJ’s prefers to steam, not boil, lobsters! If steaming a tail, thaw completely and put a skewer through tail to keep it straight. Pour 2 inches of salted water into a large pot. Use a steaming rack in the bottom if you prefer. Bring water to a rolling boil over high heat. Place lobsters in pot, cover tightly, return to boil as quickly as possible.

4 oz lobster tail 3 min
8 oz lobster tail 6 min
10 oz lobster tail 7 min
1.5 lb lobster 14.5 min
2 lb lobster 16 min

Put some TJ’s Clarified Butter or TJ’s Lemon Butter With Capers out for dipping!

TJ’s Tip: Add some dark beer (Shiner Bock or Fat Tire) and a Bay Leaf to your steaming liquid to add some subtle flavor to your lobster.