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Crab-Stuffed Idaho Trout

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4 filets, rainbow trout
TJ’s Fish Sand - To Taste
2 TJ’s Crab Cakes
TJ’s Creamy Mustard, Tartar or Remoulade Sauce

Preheat oven 400 degrees. If frozen, thaw crab cake completely. Sprinkle TJ’s Fish Sand lightly on the flesh of trout. Press 1/2 of the crab cake mix onto one side of the boneless butterflied trout filet, covering the entire side. Close the trout evenly, like a sandwich. Use rest of crab cake mix to stuff other trout. Bake uncovered 400 degrees for 15 min. If single side trout filet, just press crab cake mix on one side and bake for 12 min. Serve with TJ’s Creamy Mustard, Tartar or Remoulade Sauce.

TJ’s Tip: Butterflied boneless trout filets are perfect for ANY stuffing. Other options: TJ’s Italian Bread Crumb & Creamy Mustard Sauce, TJ’s Corn & Poblano,a lemon/caper/dill mix, etc.