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Cedar Plank Salmon

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1 lb Salmon ( or any fish) skin OFF 
1 cedar plank
1 cup TJ’s Cucumber Dill Sauce
3 Tbs TJ’s Fish Sand — to taste
1 lemon, quartered 

Remove the price tag from your cedar plank and soak as long as possible in the water, completely submerged with something heavy on top. 24 hours is ideal, but 4–6 hours is ok. Heat your grill to about 350 degrees. Season salmon with TJ’s fish sand and place on the plank. Place plank on INDIRECT HEAT and close the lid. Bake for 10–15 min, or until salmon flakes. Garnish with lemon and fresh herbs. Serve with Cucumber Dill Sauce.

TJ’s Tip: Did you notice these instructions “break” every rule from TJ’s Grilling Tips? Grilling desires one-directional heat. Cedar planking is steaming the fish with cedar-infused steam, so we want 360 degree heat and maximum surface area. Use this same technique for steaming fish in banana leaves, parchment paper, or even a covered pan.