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10 Things We At TJ’s Believe About Seafood

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1. Eating 2–3 servings of seafood per week will help you live longer and better. The healthiest, longest-living cultures on Earth eat more seafood. Every reputable study confirms seafood’s benefits far outweigh any potential risks.

2. Fresh seafood never smells bad, nor do truly fresh seafood markets. “Fishy” is the smell of rotten, inedible fish.

3. You can get fresh fish in Dallas! Being equidistant to both coasts give us more varied access to seafood than most coastal cities. Conversely, much of the fish you eat in coastal cities is imported from as far as our seafood travels and is often frozen.

4. You shouldn’t have to put on a sport coat or heels to eat a fresh piece of fish.

5. We are criminally over-fishing our oceans. There are terrible aquafarms and great ones. Supporting the great aquafarms is as essential to protecting our wild populations as responsible fishing.

6. Seafood is best prepared where the fish’s natural flavors are the star of the plate.

7. Seafood is exotic, mysterious and exciting. We know less about our oceans and their millions of sea creatures than we do about outer space. Seafood connects us to the majority of our planet that we have yet to fully comprehend.

8. Seafood makes people happy! It makes special occasions more special. Friends and families gather around lobster bakes, fish fries, oyster roasts, crawfish boils and more.

9. Wine and seafood is a magical combination. Most styles of wine are better with seafood than any other food. And yes - you can drink red with fish.

10. A fresh seafood market should constantly be running out of its fish. How can you claim to get fresh seafood daily if you never run out?